Team Jetstar Cabin Crew Agreement 2014

TWU (VIC/TAS BRANCH) secretary John Berger said it was encouraging to see the level of solidarity between Jetstar`s cabin crews, and the overwhelming vote to reject the deal underscored the fact that Australian workers will not and should never accept approval agreements that are far from expectations. Airboat traffic resumed in 1943, with flights between the Swan River at Crawley in Perth, Western Australia and Lake Koggala in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). This followed from the British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC, the successor airline to Imperial Airways) to London. [21] [22] The Qantas kangaroo logo was first used on the « kangaroo route » from Sydney to Karachi, which began in 1944, where BOAC crews took over for the rest of the journey to the UK. [22] [23] [24] In November 2014, the airline announced that the 75. The Boeing 737-800 aircraft that will be delivered would carry a « retro livery » based on the airline`s 1971 « ochre » color palette, featuring the iconic « Flying Kangaroo » at the rear and other aspects of the 1970s fleet. [147] The aircraft was delivered on November 17. [148] [149] Since 2014, Sky News Australia has provided several Qantas brand newsletters on board and in lounges. Previously, Australia`s Nine Network had provided a newsletter for Qantas called Nine`s Qantas Inflight News, which was the same show as Nine`s Early Morning News, but Nine lost the contract with Sky News. [185] These seats include beds and are in 1-2-1 configuration. [165] The Business Suite was launched on the A330 in October 2014 and also includes a bed.

This seat is equipped with a Panasonic eX3 system with touch screen. By the end of 2016, the business class seats of Qantas` entire Airbus A330 fleet had been converted. Airbus A330 Business Suites are available on Asian routes, transcontinental routes through Australia and smaller routes such as the East Coast Triangle. These seats are located on the upper deck in a 2-2-2 configuration in two separate cabins. Features include a 30 cm touchscreen with 1,000 AVOD programs and an onboard lounge. Airbus A380 Business Skybeds are available on Qanta`s flagship routes such as Australia to and from London via Singapore, Los Angeles, Dallas and Hong Kong (seasonal). Qantas operates charter flights to Antarctica on behalf of Croydon Travel. It first flew in Antarctica in 1977. [115] They were suspended for several years due to the crash of Air New Zealand Flight 901 on Mount Erebus in 1979. Qantas resumed flights in 1994. [116] Although these flights do not land, they require specific polar operations and crew training due to factors such as sector bleaching, which contributed to the Air New Zealand disaster in 1979. The third drawing was entitled Yananyi Dreaming and featured a depiction of Uluru.

The project was conceived by Uluru-based artist René Kulitja in collaboration with Balarinji. It was painted on the 737 at the Boeing plant before it was delivered in 2002. [145] It was repainted to standard livery in 2014. In December 2006, Qantas was the subject of a failed bid by a consortium called Airline Partners Australia. Merger negotiations with British Airways in 2008 also failed to result in an agreement. [36] In 2011, the labour dispute between Qantas and the Transport Workers` Union of Australia resulted in the grounding of all Qantas aircraft and the two-day lockout of airline staff. [37] The airline is based in the Sydney suburb of Mascot, next to its main hub at Sydney Airport. As of March 2014, Qantas accounted for 65% of Australia`s domestic market, carrying 14.9% of all passengers travelling to and from Australia.

[13] [14] Several subsidiaries operate under the QantasLink banner in regional centres and on some major routes in Australia. Qantas also owns Jetstar, a low-cost airline that operates both international flights from Australia and domestic flights to Australia and New Zealand. and holds interests in a number of other Jetstar airlines. The reward means Joyce has soared to the top of Australia`s executive payroll. The company`s president, Leigh Clifford, defended the pay allowance, which he said was based on the airline`s « remarkable » turnaround from a $2.8 billion loss in 2014 to record profits. The Skybed 1 (Mark I) version of the reclining seats, introduced between 2003 and 2019,[167] had a seat pitch of 150 cm (60 inches) and a width of 55 cm (21 1⁄2 inches); However, the passengers slept on an unobstructed slope to the floor of the cabin. The Skybed 2 (Mark II) version, introduced in 2008, has a distance of 200 cm (80 inches) and allows passengers to lie completely horizontally. [168] During negotiations over the past few weeks, your team has introduced Matthew Rocks – TWU`s National Aviation Coordinator – as the lead of your bargaining team. Domestic business class is available on all Boeing 737 and Airbus A330 aircraft. On the Boeing 737, Business is only available in the first three rows of the cabin, with a seat configuration of 2-2, a seat back and a greater distance between seats.

As the A330 operates international flights, Business Suites are sometimes available on domestic routes. These seats have access to all aisles in a 1-2-1 configuration and a fully flat 198 cm (78 inch) bed. In 2010, when British Airways was successfully sued to change its child seat policy, Qantas again argued that the ban on men sitting next to unaccompanied children « reflects the concerns of parents ». [237] In August 2012, controversy resurfaced when a male passenger had to swap his seat with a passenger after the crew noticed he was sitting next to an unrelated girl traveling alone. The man felt discriminated against and humiliated in front of the other passengers as a possible pedophile. [238] A Qantas spokesperson defended the policy as consistent with that of other airlines in Australia and around the world. [238] Losses continued in 2014, with Qantas Group recording a half-year loss of A$235 million ($208 million)[104] and an annual loss of A$2.84 billion. [105] In February 2014, additional cost-cutting measures were announced to save A$2 billion, including the loss of 5,000 jobs, reducing the workforce from A$32,000 to A$27,000 to A$27,000 by 2017.

[106] In May 2014, the company announced that it would cut 2,200 jobs by June 2014, including those of 100 pilots. The airline also reduced the size of its fleet by decommissioning aircraft and postponing deliveries; and planned to sell some of his property. [106] [107] [108] As 2,200 employees were laid off in June 2014, an additional 1,800 jobs were to be eliminated by June 2015. [109] Also in 2014, the Qantas Sale Act, under which the airline was privatized, was amended to repeal parts of Article 7. [110] This law limits Qantas` foreign ownership to 49%, with foreign airlines subject to other restrictions, including a 35% limit for all foreign airline holdings combined. In addition, a single foreign entity cannot own more than 25% of the airline`s shares. [111] A 2005 Boeing 737-800 in Yananyi Dreaming livery. The aircraft carried the color palette from 2002 to 2014. Once your consent has been given and you have completed the relevant forms, you will find out how to submit your request here. The seat recline is typically 79 cm (31 in.) and the seat width varies from 43 to 44 cm (17 to 17 1⁄2 in.).

The provisions are 3-3 on the 737, [160] 2-4-2 on the A330, 3-3-3 on the B787-9 and 3-4-3 on the 747. On the A380, the layout is 3-4-3 and there are four self-service snack bars between cabins. [174] After long and long negotiations, your TWU team finally reached an agreement in principle with Cobham NJOS. The offer. « Cabin crew work is a multifaceted job that requires several skills that must be used at a high level of performance at the same time. Management needs to adequately compensate these crew members for the solid and often underrated work they do to keep the skies safe and keep Australian air passengers moving, » said John. In April 2013, Qantas opened its new flagship lounge in Singapore, the Qantas Singapore Lounge. With the new Emirates alliance, it replaced the previous separate First Class and Business Class lounges. .