Site Plan Control Agreement Ontario

Site plan review refers to the process by which municipalities approve development in accordance with land use planning, structural form and operational objectives set out in their official plan. Under section 41 of Ontario`s Planning Act, development in communities is subject to site plan control. This is to ensure that the development: is compatible with neighboring or neighboring plots; Safe and easy access for pedestrians and vehicles; Proper landscaping, parking and maintenance; Meet specific standards in terms of quality and appearance; and be constructed and maintained in the manner in which the proposal was approved. The entire area of the City of Windsor is designated as a site plan control area by Bill 1-2004. The site plan review process takes into account input from various departments and agencies in preparing an approval agreement for the site plan. The Site Development Permit Agreement is a binding contract between the Corporation of the City of Windsor and the applicant or owner. The agreement consists of development conditions, must be registered on the property and is a prerequisite for the building permit procedure. Site Plan Review Process 1. Applicants prior to consultation are encouraged to involve the Site Plan Review Team as early as possible in the design process. The pre-consultation process will allow for the discussion of the appropriate development proposal(s), identification of concerns or issues through a cursory review of the proposal and, where appropriate, recommendations on how to meet specific requirements and objectives. 2.

Submission Upon receipt of a complete application, including all required drawings and reasonable fees, the following processes will be carried out: A confirmation letter identifying the acceptance of the application and the receipt for the payment made will be transmitted. The application and accompanying documents will be distributed to various internal and external departments and agencies for review and comment, as required by the proposal details. Comments and requests for review are used by the site map review team to create a draft site plan review report. The draft site plan review report is generally divided into four sections consisting of: (1) the draft recommendation, (2) drawing revisions, if any, (3) the terms and conditions of the site plan approval agreement, and (4) traffic comments. The Site Plan Review Team will prepare a draft Site Plan Review Report within 30 days of receiving a completed application. If design revisions have been requested, it is the responsibility of the applicant to process the request for revision and submit the revised drawings before the site plan review report is prepared by the site plan review team. 3. Site Plan Review Report The site plan review report is prepared by the site plan review team upon receipt of the revised drawings and provided to the applicant and the relevant departments. The company`s legal department is responsible for starting to prepare the pan site approval agreement. 4.

Site Plan Approval Agreement The Site Plan Approval Agreement is prepared and issued by the Company`s legal department; The owner receives a copy of the agreement for review and signature. Upon receipt of the signed agreement, the company`s legal department will register it on the title of the country concerned. 5. Execution of the contract The owner begins with the fulfillment of the conditions and provisions of the contract. Overall, the pre-approval conditions of the building plan approval agreement can be proactively met throughout the site plan review process in case the owner wishes to expedite the receipt of a building permit. Applications for site plan approval Approval of construction plan Approval of construction plan Amendment of application Approval of site plan Minor amendment Application for site plan approval Review of application Related documents Construction plan control manual By-laws 1-2004 For applications for the development and review of site plan, contact us at: Building Planning and Services DepartmentSuite 210, 350 WestWindsor City Hall Place, Ontario, Canada, N9A 6S1Phone: (519) 255-6543Fax: (519) 255-6544E-Mail: Two (2) copies of the site plan with the proposed development and two (2) copies of a plan with existing site conditions, folded to legal size or smaller, are required. If a municipality does not approve the plans or drawings within 30 days of their submission, or if an owner is not satisfied with an application made by the municipality, including the terms of a site plan agreement, the matter may be referred to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (formerly the Ontario Municipal Board) for a decision. The applicant submits a complete application for site plan approval and construction plan agreement or amendment of an existing plan agreement to Planning Services. Supporting documents and fees are required.

The preliminary consultation will determine which plans and documents are required for the initial submission. Before submitting an application for a site plan, you must review your application with the employees of the Planning Department, the Department of Development and Planning. This process is called a pre-consultation. To apply for site plan approval, complete the Site Plan Approval Application and Site Plan Agreement or amend an existing site plan agreement and submit them to Planning Services. The existing site condition plan includes the location of existing landscape areas and existing tree cover; the location of existing driveways, paved areas and gravel areas; the location of the buildings to be demolished and preserved; the location of existing cabling systems; Location and extent of existing sewer and water mains and supply connections; the location of existing septic tanks and wells; the existing topography of the terrain, with contour lines or point heights where appropriate (steep slopes showing both the top and bottom of the banks should be clearly illustrated); the location of the easements and the power plant (hydroelectricity, gas, telephone cable) (excluding the municipal plant); and the location of the city`s easement and the existing infrastructure it contains. Development subject to site plan control cannot continue until site plan approval has been granted. Following approval of the plans, the owner and the city enter into a site plan agreement that contractually requires the owner to develop and maintain a site in accordance with the approved plans and the terms of the agreement. Section 41 of the Planning Act (ONT) allows a municipality to establish one or more site plan control areas within the municipality. If development in this area is proposed, a developer must obtain the approval of The Municipal Council (or its deputy) for the plans and drawings of the proposed development provided for in the Act […].